research at sobel software research

At Sobel Software Research, we believe in constantly pushing the boundaries of technology. Through rigorous research and continuous exploration, we aim to uncover new frontiers and drive innovation. Our research teams are composed of dedicated experts, each passionate about their specialized domain, working tirelessly to solve complex challenges and lay the groundwork for the future.

Discover our primary areas of research:

llms (large language models)

Dive deep into the next generation of learning systems. Our team explores the integration of adaptive technologies, dynamic content creation, and smart analytics to redefine how we approach learning and knowledge management.

computer vision

The realm where machines gain the power to 'see' and interpret the visual world. Our research focuses on refining algorithms, enhancing model accuracy, and operationalizing these models, especially in the Rust ecosystem.

iot (internet of things)

The connected world is rapidly evolving, and IoT stands at its forefront. Our team delves into creating efficient, scalable, and secure IoT solutions, with a special emphasis on leveraging the Rust programming language for optimal performance.

Inspired by our research initiatives? Get in touch to discuss potential collaborations or learn more about our latest findings and advancements.